Over the last 15 years, my career has had one consistent theme: finding ways to create large-scale change for the betterment of society. I thrive in environments where people are seeking a solution to complex problems and willing to collaborate, iterate, and constructively challenge conventional ways of thinking. I am committed to, and passionate about, innovation and social impact and believe that for-profit and for-benefit go hand-in-hand.

I started my career in human rights and public policy, focusing primarily on international crisis and economic development. After working for Congress and several of the world’s leading international development agencies, I studied behavior change communication, behavioral economics, and human-centered design. I launched a consulting firm to help clients apply these disciplines, and have subsequently helped shape products and programs around the world. In 2012 I founded deliberateLIFE, a consumer technology company. It was a global experiment in positive behavior change with paying subscribers across 52 countries. We demonstrated the demand for curated, evidence-based, ethical lifestyle recommendations. I believe we will continue to see the emergence of values-driven producers and suppliers in the marketplace as consumers grow increasingly aware of the impact of global supply chains.

I seek out brilliant, action-oriented people and partner with them to create the highest quality experiences and products. We are building the future, let’s build something inspired.

Product / Startups

Sr Product Manager, Transparency & Oversight
Menlo Park, CA.  USA

Product Manager, Empathy & Well-being.
Menlo Park, CA.  USA

Cloud App (Workflow Productivity Suite)
Head of Product | Product Management. Oversee Product Development + Integration  with Zendesk, Trello, Slack, JIRA, HipChat, etc.   Manage Product Managers + Engineers + QA
San Francisco, CA. USA

Encircle (Charitable Giving Platform)
Product Manager + International Strategy. Managing Team of 11: Engineering + Design
Oakland, CA. + Dallas, TX. USA

deliberateLIFE (iOS + Android App)
Founder + CEO. Launched Mobile-First Product. Concept to Live iOS App in 60 days.  Built and Managed Team of 40–Engineers, Designers, Writers & Researchers–over four years.
Oakland, CA. USA

Oventio (Events-Based Lead Gen) *Acquired
Team Management; Branding; Launch Strategy.
Oakland, CA. USA


Experience Design. Product Innovation. Design Thinking.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Private Deliberate Discourse Series, Race. 
10+ Cities Across the USA

Private Deliberate Discourse, Race & Gender. 
San Francisco, CA. USA

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
5-Month Engagement on Product Innovation and Business / Resource Strategy for FINDConnect. User Experience, architecture review, user testing and interviews, market research, business plan.
San Francisco, CA. + Oakland, CA. USA

Deliberate Discourse (Race & Identity)
Founded a National Dinner Series in 2015.
San Francisco, CA. + 7 Cities Across the USA

Oxfam America + WRI
Workshop: Finding Unique Solutions for Clean Energy Access through Design Thinking.
United Nations, Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7)   San Francisco, CA. USA

California Library Systems
6-Month Training on Design Thinking for Improved Program Design, Implementation
Oakland, CA. USA

Thread (Mentoring NGO)
4-Day Training; Experience Design, Discussing Race In America (Creating Brave Spaces).
Baltimore, MD. USA

YCore Fellows
Design Thinking for Impact (Workshop)
San Francisco, CA. USA

Castilleja School
2-Week Course: Social Entrepreneurship,   Human Centered Design for Social Impact
Narok Region, Kenya (Their Sister School)

Nuru International
Cement Latrine Redesign (Physical Product)
Kuria West, Nyanza Province. Kenya

Behavior Change (BCC)

Nuru International (Health)
Behavior Change Communication Plan and Training; NuChoo Campaign Development
Kuria West, Nyanza Province. Kenya

Uganda Government (Health)
Behavior Strategic Plan, HIV Prevention
Kampala, Uganda

Credit Builders Alliance (Financial Access)
Behavior Change Campaign Strategy, Credit Use and Relationship to Financial Institutions.
Washington, DC. USA

Made In a Free World (Slavery-Free)
Social Impact Director, Consumer Advocacy
Oakland, CA. USA

Vestergaard Frandsen (Water Filtration)
On-the-Ground Assessment, Lifestraw Use
Eastern Kenya

International Justice Mission (Anti-Slavery)
Due Diligence on Potential Campaign, World Cup
Cape Town, South Africa

Our Children 2010 (Child Safety, Trafficking)
Public Campaign: Safe Spaces for Children
Cape Town, South Africa

Social Impact Advising

Mural Net (Internet Connectivity; Native American Reservations)
Community Engagement, Social Impact Advising
San Francisco, CA. USA

Kapor Center for Social Impact + The City of Oakland + DevLabs (Entrepreneurship)
Oversight, The Oakland Startup Network
Oakland, CA. USA

Food Recovery Network (Waste, Hunger)
Advisory Board Member
University Campuses. USA

Love, Light & Melody (Youth)
Partnership & Planning, World Cup
USA. Nicaragua. South Africa.

MANA Nutrition (Child Mortality, Health)
Product Strategy, Marketing Plan
Washington, DC. USA

Heroes of the Nation, Kenya (Education)
Kenya's Largest Orphanage/School (Advisor)
Redding, CA. USA + Nyahururu, Kenya

LifeGivingForce International (Water)
Advisor, Impact. Clean Water Solution.
Kansas City, Missouri + Haiti (Project)

Darfur Action Committee (Divestment)
Founding Member, Outreach Lead
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Call+Response (Movie)
Content Advisor, Human Trafficking
Berkeley, CA. USA

Human Rights + Policy

Oxfam America
Climate Change & Private Sector (Consultant)
Washington, DC. USA + Paris, France (Cop21)

Oxfam America
UN Climate Campaign Support (Consultant)
Washington, DC. USA

Oxfam America
Humanitarian Policy, East Africa + Iraq
Washington, DC. USA +  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

U.S. House of Representatives
Co-Director, Human Rights Caucus
Washington, DC. USA

House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Subcommittee on Africa & Global Health
Washington, DC. USA

Human Rights Watch
Africa Division, Research
Washington, DC. USA

Consultant, Strategic Messaging
Washington, DC. USA

Business Consulting

The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact (i4)
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets; Trainer
Redwood City, CA. USA + Cape Town, South Africa

Volunteer Work

CAST LA (Human Trafficking)
Shelter Volunteer
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Bridges (Health Education)
Health and Hygiene Education; Dental Assistance
Himalayan Region, Nepal

Youth With A Mission (Health Education)
Developed Arts-based Education Program; HIV
Pune, India

Youth With A Mission (Basic Services)  Alternative Livelihood Training for Sex Workers
Budapest, Hungary