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An ethical behavior change and human-centered design expert, Fay has spent over a decade working with organizations, governments, and influencers to move the needle on business and social outcomes.

Fay currently leads a product team at Facebook focused on promoting empathy, well-being and depolarization. Prior to joining Facebook, Fay founded and served as the CEO of deliberateLIFE, a consumer technology company in the ethical consumption and sustainability space. Fay led a team of over 40 staff and contributors in her leadership capacity. Fay is also the principle of Red Balloon Ideas, an innovation firm that supports social impact work through ethnographic research, human-centered design, product management, and strategy consulting.

In 2015 Fay founded a national dinner series, Deliberate Discourse, which brings strangers and friends around the dinner table to discuss race and identity. Fay has been invited into companies such as Google and Boston Consulting Group to facilitate guided conversations. This unique, introspective, and empathy-building experience has brought thousands of Americans into dialog in cities across the country.

During the course of her career Fay has served as the Co-Director of the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Caucus, as a key staff member on the Africa and Global Health Subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and as a humanitarian policy advisor for Oxfam. Fay has been directly involved in passing legislation, distributing humanitarian aid in crisis, and mobilizing action from hundreds of thousands of people through her education and activism work.

Born in South Africa and raised in Silicon Valley, Fay is a global soul with a deep curiosity about what makes people and places unique. Having visited over 40 countries and worked in Hungary, India, Ethiopia, and Kenya, she brings a global perspective to her engagements. A sought after public speaker and facilitator, Fay leverages both playfulness and a deep understanding of neuroscience in her work.

Fay holds a master's degree from Georgetown University and a bachelor of arts from UCLA. Catch her thoughts on HuffingtonPost, FastCompany, or Inc.com.