One of the most amazing things in life is the ability to know and support others. I have been continuously blown away by how willing people are to lend a helping hand, introduce you to people in their network, and share their wisdom – whether you meet them on the side of the road in a rural village or in a business meeting. As an extension of this, I am a strong believer in sharing ones hopes, dreams, and vision for ones life because it is people who will make achieving these possible. Below is a list of some of my personal life goals and intentions. I welcome your support and collaboration.

Life Mission

Increase people's understanding of their connection to others and the planet, in order to create a more just and equitable society through informed personal choice.

Words To Live By

Seek Justice. Love Mercy. Live Bravely. Speak Truth. Do Good.

Desired Way of Being

  • True
  • Brave
  • Passionate
  • Grateful
  • Inclusive
  • Open-Minded
  • Compassionate and Empathetic
  • Inspiring
  • Creative


Life Goals

  • Be known as someone who engaged wholeheartedly with the complex and constantly changing world we live in
  • Be a present, caring, empathetic, strong, trustworthy, long-suffering friend and companion to those closest to me
  • Have a happy, healthy, others-focused family
  • Create 100,000+  jobs that promote dignity and personal fulfillment
  • Contribute significantly to the creation of a more deliberate, deeply rooted, and empathetic society (to aid in the reduction of extreme poverty, environmental degradation, excessive consumerism, slavery, and war)
  • Be a supporter of renewable energy and alternative transportation, and innovation in how we build human-centered cities
  • Aid in ending slavery and human trafficking


Life Questions

  • How can I decrease the perceived distance between people / create sustained empathy for those we don't know?
    • Current research suggests we cannot empathize with individuals or groups that are more than 3 degrees of separation from us]. The concept of the 'other' – a person or group being different or separate from us – is at the root of apathy about social and environmental injustice, racism, war, unjust economic policy, and so much of the loneliness we see in our society.
  • How might we facilitate connections between people who inhabit the same physical spaces – whether that be an office, apartment building, or a neighborhood – in order to seed more understanding, connection and sense of belonging? 
  • How can the Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain reshape behavior by increasing our awareness and understanding of our consumption habits?
  • How might we amplify the voices and experiences of overlooked people groups (those living in conflict, refugees, slaves, domestic violence victims, the chronically under-served, prisoners, migrant laborers) so they are heard by those who hold power? 
  • How might we better design technology to be useful for those who posses different abilities, perspectives, and knowledge in order to make technology a tool for all?


Remaining (Evolving) Bucket List

  • Publish a book
  • Get 10 Million people engaged in new 'deliberate' behaviors
  • See YoYo Ma perform live
  • Visit every continent (Remaining: Australia, Antarctica)
  • Own/Run a creative, collaborative space (coffee shop, workshop, community hall)
  • Hit '40 Countries Visited' by my 40th Birthday (36 and counting)
  • Design a product that improves people's daily lives
  • Get married
  • Have, adopt, or foster a child
  • Run for political office
  • Run a successful business
  • Speak at TED
  • Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Attend the World Economic Forum
  • See Victoria Falls
  • Successfully bake my mother's scones
  • Meet Oprah
  • Be on Soul Sundays
  • Visit the following countries: Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Iran, Israel, South Sudan, Russia , Columbia, Morocco, Namibia.
  • Learn and perform a modern dance piece
  • Learn how to draw/sketch everyday scenes
  • Make a dream come true for someone else