Throughout her career, Fay has used shared experiences to guide groups towards a desired outcome. The following offerings bring the proven principles of cognitive development, behavior change, and design thinking into a group context.

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Deliberate Discourse Dinners: Race and Identity

In 2015, Fay founded Deliberate Discourse, a national dinner discussion series about pressing social issues. Starting with a small group in Oakland, California meeting to discuss police violence against black men in America, racism and unconscious bias –– the Deliberate Discourse experience has spread across the country and been adopted by nonprofits and companies like Google and Boston Consulting Group as a tool for internal bias busting and retention.

Utilizing Experience Design and years of research into behavior change, the dinners are intentionally designed to make participants feel comfortable, welcomed, and ready to be vulnerable. In a time when we lean on social media platforms to voice our triumphs, concerns and opinions, deep face-to-face conversation is rare. Reach out to Fay about facilitating a discussion with your group.


Designing Experience that Promote dialog

In order to move forward, whether it be in business, interpersonal relationships, or as a society, there comes a time when we need to address hard topics head on. Being intentional about how one has these conversations can make all the difference – from the space and time you choose, to how you invite someone into the conversation, to how you listen and engage in the moment.

Fay works with groups to design experiences that promote and encourage dialog. Reach out if you are interested in creating a space for an important conversation.