Fay has advised large companies, global agencies, and governments. The following offerings bring the proven principles of cognitive development, behavior change, and design thinking into an individual context.

Applying Design Thinking To Personal Growth (Workshop)

In this workshop, Fay walks participants through the process of apply Human-Centered Design to tackling challenges faced in the day-to-day. During the session, Fay outlines a set of activities, and the science behind them, giving participants tools to gain a different perspective on their own behavior. From ethnographic observational techniques (examining behavior, rather than what one says they want to do) to interviews – Fay serves as a guide to uncover surprising observations and insights that can help shape a new way of being.


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Developing Strategies for Change (On-Going Coaching)

Feeling stuck? Do you wish you had a structure to help you navigate the challenges of everyday life? Applying over a decade of experience in the field of Behavior Change, Fay works with clients to move from 'pre-contemplation' towards chosen action, and ultimately, the development of healthy, transformative habits that are the basis of a forward-moving life. The goal of this work is to to increase a client’s sense of self-efficacy, the belief that one has the capability to initiate or sustain a desired behavior, while providing a framework for evaluating and acting on desired goals.  With a working knowledge of what is possible, one can take action in a variety of areas in ones life, reapplying what is learned for years to come. // Coaching packages start with 6-sessions.



DESIGNING YOUR DELIBERATE LIFE (Intentional Living Workshop)

Passionate about social impact and conscious participation in our immediate communities and in the world at large, Fay provides one-on-one coaching and group workshops on the topic of living a deliberate, engaged, lifestyle. Fay's professional experience in humanitarian assistance, foreign policy, activism, entrepreneurship, and sustainable consumption provide a diverse perspective for those looking to explore a career or personal endeavor in the social impact space. Through a journey of self–reflection, reading, and group activities, Fay leads participants through a process of imaging their positive impact lifestyle.